Dry and Liquid Premixes / Performance and Ingredient Solutions

Our global Ingredients, Blended to Your Precise Specifications

Freemen Nutra develops specifically designed optimized nutrient premixes and ingredient solutions that deliver quality and performance through our extensive portfolio, knowledge, expertise, and process capabilities. We utilize these core strengths to offer the solution you need from precisely formulated custom premixes up to completely ready to package fully flavored blends.

Reengineered Ingredients

  • Powder Flow

  • Bulk Density

  • Compactibility

  • Hygroscopicity

Performance Ingredient Solutions

  • Granulations & Agglomerations

  • Microencapsulation

  • Spray Dried Trituration’s and Formulations

  • Drum to Hopper Blends

  • Beadlet Technology (Layered Spheres)

Wide Range of Applications

  • Sports & Lifestyle Nutrition

  • Beverage, Dairy & Flour Fortification

  • Food fortification & Meal replacements

  • Infant & Early Life Nutrition

  • Oil & Fat Fortification

  • Personal Care

Accelerate product development cycle and timing to market

  • Granulations & Agglomerations

  • Backed by a team of experienced application development scientists

  • Manufacturing consistencies for precise nutrient optimization

Our Trade Shows

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